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Alvbro Paleta Pollo Asado Paleta 40pc


Product Description

The famous Alvbro Paleta Pollo Asado Lollipop. It's Pineapple Mango flavored with a light chili! Very delicious Little Chicken Alvbro lollipops are shaped like little chickens. Fruity tasting…acidulated hard candy lollipop with chili. Try this spicy orange and pineapple flavored lollipops that are in the shape of roasted chicken. Alvbro Pollito Asado may be one of the most traditional treats in Mexico. This spicy Mexican lollipop has a fruited flavor, molded into a delicious, unexpected shape! It also brings out all the spiciest roots of Mexican culture. The first thing you will definitely notice about Alvbro Pollito Asado is that it definitely does honor to its name: this spicy lollipop Mexican candy has the shape of a roasted chicken! Definitely interesting for a traditional hard candy! However, its flavor brings out the essence of all Mexican traditions: it is all fruit! As soon as you rip out the Candy, you will feel a pleasant fruited smell, mixed with a hot chili essence that will make your mouth water! You will then taste the sweet, refreshing peach and pineapple, mixed with chili powder—the most potent combination for a hot spicy Mexican candy. This delicious hard lollipop comes into a 40-Piece Pack, making it perfect for sharing at home or even a surprise party! You cannot miss the mixture of our Mexican traditions and the sweet, delightful Mexican fruits! Enjoy this traditional Mexican Candy. Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, iodized salt, chili, titanium dioxide, artificial flavors, artificial colors (FD&C *Yellow No.5, Red No.40) Shipping Weight: 19.7 Oz

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