About MexiCrate


Mexican culture is a proud and rich heritage. Our goal is to celebrate and share the culture through the most fun way we could come up with — Mexican candy, snacks and treats. 


You miss authentic, Mexican-made candies and snacks... maybe you've moved somewhere that does not have Mexican candy

You want to discover some fun, new flavors 

You want to share a unique gift for a friend, family member, or employee

or Maybe you just want the convenience of having them delivered to your door each month

We have you covered.


MexiCrate provides authentic imported and Mexican-style candies, snacks and fun stuff to customers worldwide. We are proud to say our customers are located in all corners of the world - including deployed military personnel who are stationed overseas. 

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service, affordable prices, and responsibly sourced products to provide a unique experience with MexiCrate. 

Whether you buy a MexiCrate to treat yourself or are sending a gift to a loved one or friend, MexiCrate promises to always curate the absolute best Mexican candy box on the market.

Are you ready to experience a taste of Mexico?

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